Exposed Clit Massage in Bubble Bath

Exposed clits are a bit of a rare thing in the world of pussies, as not every girl has a big clit, and even if they do they may not realize how much some guys like to see it protruding from their pussy and miss the opportunity.

Alice here from ALS Scan knows better though, and she’s got a pair of big juicy pussy lips and an engorged clit that she’s happy to show to all of us during the video. In fact she’s even taking time out of her busy bubble bath, a retreat from the suds in order to massage her exposed clit.

Big Pussy and Large Clitoris On Display in this Clit Massage Video

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ ALS Scan : .MP4, 16:43, 1.18GB, 1920×1080 HD, 10,000k

If your vagina viewing is something you enjoy from as close as possible, you’ll be happy that the majority of this video clip is closeup work with the cameraman getting right in front of her fully exposed clitoris on her wet pussy with his camera lens for that up close and personal feeling.

Pretty good performance overall in this scene of Alice from ALS Scan. I don’t recognize her, but she seems very comfortable in front of the camera and because of that I guess we can expect to see more of her in the future. Usually it’s the ones who are totally comfy that can expected to stick around a while in the porn business.

Abigail Mac Masturbating Big Long Pussy Lips

Abigail Mac is masturbating her long pussy lips in this video from She’s a Freak. Abigail is a new model to me, and after a brief bit of searching around the web I think she’s new to everyone else too. I can only find a few scenes that she’s been in. I’m sure she’ll be making the rounds of the industry soon enough though, being that she’s a sexy brunette with great looking fake tits, long hair, and she likes talking dirty to the camera. There’s always room for a new busty brunette to the scene, after all.

Abigail Mac Masturbating Fantastic Fucking Fingering Her Big Pussy

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ She’s a Freak : .MP4, 30:03, 2.66GB, 1920×1080 HD, 12,000k

She has quite an elastic pussy, easily stretched as she masturbates and she’s got a sort of long looking slit. It always looks wet and moist, very supple indeed. I think a lot of people are going to love this girl’s big pussy, even the skin tone is sexy down there, matching and expanding on her overall brunette appeal.

Abigail Mac bites her lip and self massages her breasts to begin the scene, pulling at her nipples with both hands. Then she moves on to her pussy, asks if we like it, and massages her long pussy lips with her fingertips.

Then she lies on her stomach and reaches around to finger her big wet long pussy from behind, licking her fingers and sliding two digits inside with her legs spread wide on the bed. A nice little masturbating scene with a sexy new brown haired girl from Mofos.

Outer Pussy Lip Massage with Ami Emerson and Morgan Brooke

A great outer pussy lip massage from a woman who clearly has some extensive erotic massage training. That or she’s just a huge lesbian I guess. She sure does know how to work her subject up though.

Expert Female Lesbian Massage of Girl’s Big Pussy Lips

Full Length 720p HD Video @ LittleMutt : .WMV, 21:35, 467MB, 1280×720 HD, 3000k

Honestly I’m not even sure which girl is which, but LittleMutt did a good job of pairing these two together for this pussy massage scene. Their names are Ami Emerson and Morgan Brooke.

The girl on the massage table getting her erotic massage has dark black hair, a couple of tattoos.

Things really get interesting when she asks her to get into a doggstyle position with her ass in the air, giving her lesbian massage therapist an opportunity to really work on her pussy well.

You could learn a lot from this outer pussy lip massage video if you think of it as an instructional or how to video to do a proper erotic massage on a female body.

She rubs her outer pussy lips, and then fingers her while expertly rubbing her clit gently from the outside. The dark haired girl has a really pretty pussy with fairly big outer lips.

For fans of a more overall massage, there’s quite a bit of leg, thigh and foot massaging in this clip too.

I have a review of LittleMutt here as well.

Bidet Water Masturbation Shaved Pussy Massage

This is a European bidet water masturbation video where Rihanna Samuel gives herself a shaved pussy massage. First we see her taking off her clothes white sitting on a toilet in the same bathroom, but not before smiling and giving her nipples a little massage of their own. She bites her bottom lip because surely, she knows how much we love that sort of thing.

Then she does one of the sexiest about face turns I’ve ever seen and squats down on the bidet, except facing forwards instead of backwards. What an ass on this dark haired European girl named Rihanna Samuels. I’m assuming she’s a Euro model without checking, since she doesn’t say a word all video and has that sort of Hungarian look in her eyes.

European Bidet Water Masturbation Video With Rihanna Samuels at ALS Scan

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ ALS Scan : .WMV, 14:55, 861MB, 1920×1080 HD, 10,200k

She sits on the rim of the bidet and turns on the stream of water, and a thick round steady stream of H20 emerges. Rihanna Samuels settles on maximum water pressure, naturally, and adjusts the spout before scooting her butt forward and rocking back and forth slowly as the water stream makes contact with her clitoris.

Both of her hands take turns steadying herself on the bidget and rubbing her extremely wet pussy, being careful not to submerge her gold watch in the water. A couple of times she takes a handful of water and pours it down her chest between her tits too.

This could be seen as an instructional video as well, since some ladies out there may not have thought of giving themselves a pussy massage by using the water stream of their bidet.

There are several times when the camera operator moves close in for a closeup, and we can see the great looking freshly shaved pussy she’s politely prepared for our viewing. We can expect nothing less from the kings of the shaved pussy themselves ALS Scan. Going strong since 1996 if I remember right. Let’s not be lazy… Okay I just checked my ALS Scan review at Porn Reviews Plus and I see it was indeed started in June of 1996. There’s a couple more video clips there if you’re interested too.

Fingering Massage of 18 Year Old Marika

A fingering massage of this young 18 year old blonde named Marika. She looks every bit of 18 years old, with a petite body, strong legs, nice curves, perky big natural boobs and a nervous look that she never seems to rid herself of during the scene. Even her short real nails with a muted pinkish brown nail polish add to her young appeal.

When Marika first sits down on the massage table wearing high heels and a little sun dress, she looks as blonde as could be. It’s only later in the scene when she’s soaked herself wet with her own sex sweat that her hair begins to look more brown than blonde.

This portion of the film begins with Marika covered up with a small blue towel across her lap, but it quickly gets removed as her massage therapist digs in and gives her pussy the fingering she came for, and is about to come from! She writhes under the pressure of his strong hands and fingers, trying to look like she’s not enjoying it as much as she really is. Before long though she has to throw that out the window as the feelings inside her chest build and she can’t help but moan in pleasure from the force of his fingering massage.

Marika a Young Blonde Gets Her Pussy Fingered on Massage Table

Full Length 720p HD Video @ HD Massage Porn : .MP4, 47:51, 1.22GB, 1280×720 HD, 3500k

Shaved Pussy Baby Oil Massage with Marry Queen

A wonderful outdoor baby oil massage of Marry Queen and her shaved pussy, all oiled up and slick with the sunshine gleaming off her tanned skin. Her smooth skin is the perfect reflective surface, all shiny and slippery.

Marry Queen Baby Oil Massage and Shaved Pussy Outdoors from ALS Angels

Marry Queen Baby Oil Massage and Shaved Pussy Outdoors from ALS Angels

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ ALS Angels : .WMV, 19:02, 1.07 GB, 1920×1080 HD, 12000k

Marry Queen looks completely covered in a thick layer of baby oil, she hasn’t been careful to conserve, instead preferring to disregard her three R mantra or reduce, reuse and recycle. Actually hold on a second, wait a minute.

Okay I checked, and I don’t care at all. No fucks were given. She can use as much baby oil as she wants to. Whole bottles. I just can’t bring myself to mind much when it’s this blonde hottie and things are being both recorded and shared with me. That’s a good deal.

There’s a beautiful pool in the background, and Marry Queen is laid out on a white beach chair that’s designed to recline and let you spread your legs out. Most all of this video clip she’s giving her shaved pussy a competent baby oil massage, and the camera gets right in there for some great closeups.

I’m midway through a brief love affair with this cute blonde pornstar, ever since I saw my first scene of her I knew I’d have to add Marry Queen to my blogs. In fact that’s one of the best things about running these sologirl blogs is that I’m discovering new porn stars that I might not even remember by name if I wasn’t writing about them. There’s just so many of them nowadays, with new girls coming and going too fast to count. The churn rate is high. Marry Queen is certainly a keeper though, she surely has a lot of staying power in the porn industry, because well – she’s oh so sexy.

ALS Angels is the source of this awesome high quality HD baby oil massage scene, a perfect fit for my pussy massage video blog. ALS stands for All Ladies Shaved. You may known them by their larger, legendary site called ALS Scan.

Wrinkly Big Pussy Shaved and Hairless in Erotic Massage

I love the wrinkly big pussy on this girl! If her vagina was a puppy, it would be a little fat ripply faced pug for sure. I’m not even sure how she got it shaved so well without cutting her big wrinkled pussy lips. She did a good job though, it’s definitely bald faced, shaved and hairless. Maybe she got a brazilian wax or something. Ouchie.

Amateur Russian Model Gianna Gets a Wrinkly Big Pussy Massage at Tricky Masseur

Amateur Russian Model Gianna Gets a Wrinkly Big Pussy Massage

Full Length 720p HD Video @ Tricky Masseur : .WMV, 46:21, 1.54 GB, 1280×720 HD, 4600k

The name of this young blonde Amateur girl who I think is Russian is listed as Gianna on TrickyMasseur. She’s sort of average looking if anything, with a nice body but a pretty average enough face. Some might call her a butterface as in “…but her face!”. I think that’s a bit extreme and harsh, as she’s really quite attractive, just not drop dead gorgeous. She’s the kind of girl that makes you wonder why we’re so picky though, because after she takes off her clothes, she’s got a body I could spend some solid time together with. Plus she looks so happy and nice.

Another thing I’m in a bit of love with is how smitten Gianna is with getting an erotic massage on this day. The look on her face when she took off her clothes and lied down naked on the massage bench was classic. She looked excited, embarrassed, shy, and yet completely proud of herself it seemed. I suppose giddy is the best word that would describe how she looked and felt when she called in her male massage therapist to begin their passionate and erotic massage session.

She lies naked to begin this video clip, her wrinkly big pussy visible for us to enjoy. Then her masseur returns, and spends the remainder of the clip massaging and fingering her vagina while she closes her eyes and writhes in pleasure on the bench. She seriously looks like she’s won the fucking lottery to be in this scene today, to be treated well and then fucked in her wrinkly big pussy, all while getting paid for her feminine sexual services.

Another great long and slow erotic massage video from Tricky Masseur, quickly becoming one of my favourite massage porn sites.

Pussy Rub and Breast Massage of Blonde Marry Queen

Love this erotic video of Marry Queen of her getting a pussy rub and breast massage, very slow and sensual. She’s just taken off her bra when the video begins, and we see a very nice closeup of her perfect natural breasts. The cameraman shooting this porn scene can’t resist but reach in and tentatively grab one, being careful not to go too fast and scare off this magnificent blonde girl. She doesn’t pull back, and so he grabs a single boob and massages it vigorously with one hand, holding his video camera in the other.

Marry Queen Pussy Rub and Breast Massage from We Like To Suck

Marry Queen Pussy Rub and Breast Massage from We Like To Suck

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ We Like To Suck : .MP4, 21:34, 1.22GB, 1920×1080 HD, 8000k

She writhes in pleasure as her breast massage continues along, before lying down on the bed and moving her butt slowly against the sheets, naked except for a pair of lime green panties. Sort of granny panties actually, no? They look a bit silky, are a weird colour, have frills, they’re pretty big too. Who cares it’s what young Czech porn star Marry Queen has  inside them that counts!

Anyways her underwear quickly gets pulled to the side, showing us her very unique looking pussy with thick outer lips and extremely tiny inner vagina lips. He uses a thumb for the most part and gives her a slow erotic pussy rub, peeling those fat lips apart so we can see inside as her massages her in a circular motion.  Because of the way he’s using his thumb in massaging her it allows us to see everything that happens very clearly, perfect for maximum porn viewing pleasure.

While this is a blowjob site (obviously with a name like We Like to Suck!), I liked this particular part of their Marry Queen video so much I just had to post it.

If you like Marry Queen and want to see more of her, please visit my Marry Queen blog that I’ve just started. I was going to write this there, but decided it fit better here because of the awesome pussy rubbing and massage that it has.

Asian pussy massage Melody Tan masturbating herself

Melody Tan does an Asian pussy massage video for her boyfriend, masturbating herself with her fingers for the camera being pointed at her. After showing off her tits she removes her black dress of some kind, a little bit strange since she has a pair of… jean shorts on underneath? I’m sure it makes sense in girl world just fine, but I’m confused. I think she looks the best in just her red panties, matching the red headband she’s wearing to keep her hair back. Can’t wait to see her massage her tight Asian pussy!

She has nicely sized small natural B cups that she can almost lick, but not quite. Maybe if she contorted herself a bit more. She massages her dark shaved pussy with her fingers on one hand, while pulling her panties aside and rubbing her breasts as well. Finally a large pink vibrator comes out that she sucks on while still masturbating herself. It looks like she’s just about to take her panties off when the video ends to put that thing  to good use.

This is one outspoken Asian girl who likes to talk it up quite a bit in her scenes, so if you’re into talking dirty you might enjoy Melody Tan’s stuff a bit more than most.

Melody Tan Asian pussy massage video from Score HD

Melody Tan Asian pussy massage video from Score HD

Original 720p Video from Score HD : .WMV, 12:16, 190MB, 1280×720, 4000k

Inner thigh massage of girl wearing no panties

Ah, a massage therapist’s dream, the inner thigh massage with the girl wearing no panties. To have a young petite woman on your table, completely naked except for a few small towels covering her breasts and waist, with your hand just an inch away from her bare pussy as you give her an inner thigh massage. Add to that the towel is riding high and you can catch a peeking glimpse at her soft shaven pussy lips between her thighs.

That’s what I love about Fucked Hard 18, so much sexual tension, which is to me what an erotic massage and massage porn in general is all about.

Since this picture is only of her inner thighs and closed pussy lips, I should say that it’s of beautiful young teen model Lexi Stone, an extremely petite and tiny 18 year old model.

Inner thigh massage with girl wearing no panties at FH18

Inner thigh massage with girl wearing no panties at FH18